Where were you?

In the latter part of this year this Club was in a fighting for survival situation, things did not look good!
The Club Officers and Committee entered into discussions with the Association of Conservative Clubs and a plan was formulated which ensured the survival of the Club. A key part of this plan was that there must be more active support from the membership, a phrase which no doubt you have all heard, “If you don’t use it you will loose it”.
The Committee have arranged a number of entertainments to attract more members to attend and these, together with Sunday Roasts, have been moderately successful BUT we still need a better attendance at the Club.
Monday evening, the draw for the Club Annual Christmas Raffle. This year this was organised by Committee Member Tony Valler, he did the whole thing, he sold the tickets, purchased or negotiated the raffle prizes, set all the prizes out for the evening and assisted by the Vice President ran the draw, he did an excellent job. Members may not realize it but the entire proceeds from the ticket sales were devoted to the purchase of prizes, this was for the membership, the Club took nothing.
FIVE members attended for the draw, our sincere gratitude to those five members. In total, with Staff and Committee members, we were Fourteen!
If you don’t use it you WILL loose it!

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